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“We are so pleased with the progress we saw in Patrick's obedience training last night! We have all practiced it with him, and he knows the commands well. Leah and Lis did a great job with him and with explaining things to us.”Melissa B.

“I cannot express how much Lula loves coming to day care and being with everyone. She is so excited on her days that she does not want to eat, potty or anything else but leave to go. You all are wonderful and she is one happy and tired puppy when she is there. She has never been this excited about anything or any other daycare as she is with yours. Thank you for taking care of our baby.”Jennifer Winans

“Thank you for letting me know that Gracie is welcome! I feel like she loves all of you and her 4-legged friends there very much, so it is nice to know that you enjoy her, too! She makes this little throaty growling noise when she is happy and excited, and it is so cute when she greets Leah and others in the mornings sometimes with that little growl. I believe she is happy to be there, and of course, that makes me very happy!
Tail Lights is a tremendous blessing to me – I thank you and your team so much for taking such good care of my little one! And I thank you for the Facebook photos – I love those!”Ginger Childs

“I took 10-month-old Pepper to the world's largest radio controlled aircraft fly-in near Woodruff (Triple Tree Aerodrome). Pepper took it all in stride - a week-long event with hundreds of airplanes and helicopters continuously buzzing around overhead, school busses, golf carts and ATVs, tents, large motorhomes and campers, and more than 4,000 people (dogs and cats, too!) of all ages and descriptions.

Pepper behaved perfectly with kids, adults, other dogs and was very well behaved on the leash, despite the intense action all around her. When we sat down for lunch or stopped to watch the action, she sat or laid quietly at my feet. I've been involved with these events for several years and always dreamed of bringing a dog of my own to take in the fun.

To say the least, I was an extremely proud doggy daddy. Thanks to each and everyone of you at TLD for making this so enjoyable and teaching me how to raise a wonderful dog! ”Bob Breedon

“In Feb 2011, I enrolled my dogs Bob and Bitsy in what is referred to as Daycare. All I wanted was a clean, safe place where they enjoyed being during the day while I was working. Instead of Doggie Daycare they got Tail Lights Dogs University with friends to hang out with during the day and classes and training based on their needs and interest.

Boarding is not an appropriate word for leaving your dog at Tail Lights dogs while you are away. The environment includes soft music, dim lights and cozy rooms. It’s the only place I know of that has trained staff that stay at night should pets get lonely, afraid or need special attention. One of my dogs has special needs and I never have to worry about her when she is staying overnight at Tail Lights.

At the suggestion of Tail Lights we enrolled in Nose Work® classes. I could write a page on the benefits and fun these classes provide for me, Bob and Bitsy but will save that for another day. I am just thankful they don’t have pole dancing classes for dogs since I seem to be open to anything Tail Lights has to offer!

There are not enough words to express how much admiration and trust I have for Mira and her staff. They have become our friends & our home away from home.”Judy Stenhouse

“We're so glad to hear she enjoyed herself so much and made new friends! We don't have to board her often, but when we do we'll be calling again! We were just thrilled with your facilities and most of all the warm, loving attention of such clear dog lovers! Thank you again!”Emlee Cantrell Cuevas

“I cannot express how happy I am that I found Tail Lights. I was afraid that Princess would be afraid of dogs and people for the rest of her life. All of you have made her life better just by teaching her that she can have fun and play. You are all miracle workers. My friends have even told me how much better she is since she has been coming. Again, thank you for making her life better.”Linda Nations

“Here's the thing: Mira Jones and Tail Lights Dogs are a group of thoughtful, creative, fun, smart folks who genuinely care about your dog… And about you and your bond with your dog! And, they know how to create inter-species understanding and make it FUN!

I am blessed with and, ok, sometimes challenged by, an Aussie/lab mix pup, Maia. She needs things to do, puzzles to solve, cattle to drive (not so convenient around my town home). I needed help and some structure, but I'm not interested in being "she who must be obeyed" or amassing titles. I hoped we could be good for each other but not too disciplined… Inspired, not "driven". Enter Tail Lights Dogs!

Maia goes to TLD Day Camp 2 days a week. She gets so much more than exercise there! The staff stays with the dogs while they play, helping them learn healthy play habits, setting up new play environments, taking pictures… Clearly, they enjoy it as much as the dogs do!

They suggested I take a Nose Work ® Class… Huh?! They were pretty excited about it… What the heck, I was game! Suffice it to say, that we are having a gas! Thanks to Mira for bringing this fun sport to our area.

I have come to appreciate Maia's inherent gifts and love watching her use them. It's taught me a lot about instilling confidence in any being (me included).

It's simple (of course, like all life's truths), we don't need to perform or prove anything, just love and use our natural gifts! So, come to Tail Lights Dogs! Take a Nose Work ™ Class for you and your dog, or, skip the "philosophy" and just do it because it's fun. Either way you win! Tail Lights Dogs = Tender Loving Dogcare = Training Likable Delights = You get the picture!”Margaret Ahlhauser

“We cannot thank you enough for taking such WONDERFUL care of Spice and Pearl in our absence!! We are all so grateful. It was very nice to be able to see the pictures one time also, when we had one time access to email, and even more reinforced what we already knew.

They really had a nice time, we can tell. Bringing them home was as if we had never been gone &endash; except for the fact that they keep looking at us wondering when we are going to 'do' something according to the schedule they are used to! Normally we love them up in the morning, they go outside and are in and out all day if its not too hot, and Spice hangs under a tree, hiding out, kinda of like the bench. We pet and talk periodically and they play with each other. Now they want US to play, quite often!

We never worried and think your service and staff are absolutely amazing and we are so happy that you are all located in Greenville. You may pass this on to the rest, and I'll send a card to pin up as well. You guys are stellar!

With lots of gratitude and appreciation!”Jean & Gene

“I have enrolled my dog Garth (A young, headstrong, and sometimes stubborn black Labrador :) in daycare, training, and Nose Work ™ at Tail Lights Dogs. I have also had the pleasure of boarding Garth overnight with Mira and her lovely staff.

I can say without hesitation that this facility has become a home away from home for my Garth. All of the staff members are extremely loving to the animals, trustworthy, and committed to upholding the high standards of positive behavioral training that they employ.

Garth practically pulls me through the door whenever we arrive to Tail Lights because he is so excited to see the staff and all of his little-and big- playmates! I have seen tremendous improvements in his behavior through his training with Mira and Val and he is absolutely loving Nosework classes! He is one lucky pup to be at Tail Lights Dogs!”Kate Morrow

“Boscoe and I look forward to our K9 Nose Work ™ Class every week. The instructors adapt their instruction to the needs of each dog. It is so interesting to to watch each dog develop their own technique, since they all have different working styles. Boscoe is always ready for his next task!”Jessica Bates & Boscoe

“With our move to SC, we were absolutely frantic when it came to finding the 'right' boarding situation for our senior dog, Micki. As an older pet, she came with special needs. From the moment we walked in the door, met Mira & her wonderful staff, and saw the beautiful Taillights facility, we knew we had found a special 'home away from home' for Micki. We loved the 'all in one' pricing, and knowing that Micki would be active during the day and with Overnight Care after hours.

After spending a week boarding at Taillights, we weren't sure she wanted to come home ! We feel so very fortunate to have found you.”Mike & Penny

“With your puppy class and pointers Moose developed into a great dog. Your work is very important; it not only changes dogs, but brings families together. Thank you again for saving Moose and for giving us the best dog we’ve ever had.”Greg Vachon

“Charlie is more calm and even sweeter than before. I can tell that he is happier, and that makes me feel so good! He still gets overexcited but can control himself now. He loves meeting other dogs now, and that's a great accomplishment. I tell everyone how much you helped me to train him correctly. Thank you again!”Marcia Tong

“As a first-time dog owner, I adopted a rescue that came with some anxiety baggage that gave me a lot to worry about. The training strategies I learned, especially the relaxation protocol, helped me bond with Dexter while simultaneously helping him focus and learn. He improved by leaps and bounds and became a truly happy, calm, and balanced dog that brings great joy to my life. Thank you Mira and TailLight Dogs!”Ellen Weskaemper

“Finally a trainer who looks at the whole picture, including the emotional state of the owner!”Lynn deGraff

“ Thank you for all your help with Lola. Both our dogs have adjusted well to having Anna, our new baby, around, even though they're getting a little less attention. We still use the techniques you taught us with great success”Leslie Arends

“Daisy and Ollie are doing much better. They're able to stay calm inside the house and not be quite so rowdy with each other. Also, Ollie's food aggression is pretty much gone and he's much better about not lunging for his treats and food. Thank you!”Kelly Prestel

“Leila has been a changed dog since you were here—or maybe I changed! The door exercises are going smoothly and I've been giving each of the dogs separate one-on-one time. Thank you for your insight and assistance. It felt so good to talk to you and you gave me the confidence I needed to succeed with the dogs.”Joey Avellino

“Floyd and I very much enjoyed the class last night. So much fun! We look forward to next week.”Beth Bishop

“I'm learning a lot in class and Max is doing very well. Thanks for everything, this has been so helpful!”Terri Blackmon

“You'll never know how big a difference your advice has made for us these last weeks. Thank you for your care, concern, and wisdom.”Pam King

“Tuesday night was so much fun. I loved meeting you! Thank you so much for coming to our home and helping me get off to a good start with Ziva.”Nancy Tiller

“My sister and her husband visited us over the weekend and Sally was very good with them. Minimal jumping and barking. I really feel we're making improvements.”Sue Palmer